Lexicon of Terms

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417 Oil & Gas and related investment terms defined.
Hydrostatic head — The height of a column of liquid. The difference in height between two points in a body of liquid.

Hydraulic fracturing — A method of stimulating production from a low-permeability formation by creating fractures and fissures by applying very high fluid pressure.

Heavy oil — A type of crude petroleum characterized by high viscosity and a high carbon-to-hydrogen ration. It is usually difficult and costly to produce by conventional techniques.

Hang the rods — To pull pump rods out of the well and hang them in the derrick on rod hangers.

Heating oil — Oil use for residential heating.

Horsehead — The curved guide or head piece on the well end of a pumping jack's walking beam. The guide holds the short loop of cable, called the bridle, attached to the well's pump rods.

History of a well — A written account of a well's drilling and operation, required by law in some states.

Hydrometer — An instrument that measures the specific gravity of liquids.

Horizontal drilling — The newer and developing technology that makes it possible to drill a well from the surface, vertically down to a certain level, and then to turn at a right angle, and continue drilling horizontally within a specified reservoir, or an interval of a reservoir.

Hydrocarbons — A large class of organic compound of hydrogen and carbon. Crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas condensate are all mixtures of various hydrocarbons, among which methane is the simplest.

Horizon — A specific sedimentary layer in a cross section of land, especially one in which a petroleum reservoir is found.

Held by production — Refers to an oil and gas property under lease, in which the lease continues to be in force, because of production from the property.


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