All About Maverick Energy

Maverick Energy, Inc., is an independent oil company located in Robinson, Illinois. Larry C. Neely is the founder and president of Maverick Energy, Inc., as well as L.C. Neely Drilling, Inc. The Neely name has been synonymous with the oil business for the past 125 years. Larry Neely is the 5th generation of drilling contractors.

Maverick Energy is involved in drilling and exploration along with production of crude oil and natural gas. For a step-by-step definition of oil & gas drilling and development, please click here.

Maverick Energy devotes 90% of its activities in the developmental stage of prospect evolution. Developmental drilling offers the highest profit potential of any oil and gas area, as well as significantly lowering the risk. See the evolution diagram below:

World Experience

Maverick Energy incorporates old world experience and common sense with modern day technology. Maverick Energy, Inc. is involved in the three main stages of the development cycle:
Drilling • Production Acquisitions • Leasing Programs

Maverick Energy's primary focus is reservoir evaluation and enhancement. We do this by integrating the following disciplines: 1) land, 2) geology, 3) engineering, and 4) geophysics. A diagram of triangular integration:

Our staff and consultants use the most modern technologies available:
  • Utilization of large data bases
  • Computer Aided drafting and mapping
  • 3-D seismic imaging and interpretation
Maverick Energy, Inc., offers the opportunity to be a direct participant in the exciting rewards associated with the drilling and production of oil & gas. If you would like further information, or a copy of our Due Diligence, please fill out our Confidentiality Agreement or contact us by email.