Lexicon of Terms

Learn how to talk like an Oilman
417 Oil & Gas and related investment terms defined.
Mud logger — A technician who uses chemical analysis, microscopic examination of the cuttings, and an assortment of electronic instruments to monitor the mud system for possible indications of hydrocarbons (shows).

Monocline — A geologic formation in which all the strata are inclined in the same direction.

Mud engineer — A technician responsible for proper maintenance of the mud system.

Milling — Cutting a "window" in a well's casing with a tool lowered into the hole on the drillstring.

Multiple completion — Completion of a well in more than one producing formation. The tubing of each production zone extends up to the Christmas tree to be piped to separate tankage.

Mud — A fluid mixture of clay, chemicals, and weighting materials suspended in fresh water, salt water, or diesel oil.

Migration — The movement of oil and gas through layers of rock deep in the earth.

Mid-continent crude — Oil produced mainly in Kansas, Oklahoma, and North Texas.

MMCF Million cubic feet — The cubic foot is a standard unit of measure for quantities of gas at atmospheric pressure.

Mineral Rights — The ownership of all rights to gas, oil, or other minerals as they naturally occur in place, at or below the surface of a tract of land.

Midstream or Middle distillates — Refinery products in the middle of the distillation range of crude oil, including kerosene, kerosene-based jet fuel, home heating fuel, range oil, stove oil and diesel fuel.


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