Lexicon of Terms

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417 Oil & Gas and related investment terms defined.
Kerosene — The petroleum fraction containing hydrocarbons that are slightly heavier than those found in gasoline and naphtha. Kerosene (also spelled kerosene) was the most important petroleum product because of its use for home and commercial lighting; in recent years demand has risen again as a result of kerosene's use in gas turbines and jet engines.

Kill a well — To overcome downhole pressure by adding weighting elements to the drilling mud.

Kerogen — The hydrocarbon in oil shale. Scientists believe that kerogen was the precursor of petroleum and that petroleum development in shale was somehow prematurely arrested.

Keyseating — A condition in which the drill collar of another part of the drill string becomes wedged in a section of crooked hole.Kick Occurs - when the pressure encountered in a formation exceeds the pressure exerted by the column of drilling mud circulating through the hole. If uncontrolled, a kick leads to a blowout.


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