Meet Larry Neely, President

Larry C. Neely, is the registered founder and president of Maverick Energy, Inc., as well as the President & Secretary of L.C. Neely Drilling, Inc. At age 51, Larry has 29 years of hands-on experience in the oil & gas industry.

In 1979 Larry began his career in the oil industry as a midwestern sales representative for Midway Manufacturing (a subsidiary of Texas International). At Midway, Larry was responsible for the sales of drilling equipment for the waterwell industry, seismic, and oil & gas exploration in 11 states.

After a short, successful career selling drilling equipment, Larry decided to pursue a great yearning to get back to his family roots. Larry is a 5th generation drilling contractor in his family. Though Larry's family has been involved in the drilling industry for over 100 years, each generation in his family started separate drilling businesses. Larry followed suit. It was his desire to proceed with the oil & gas industry, becoming an independent drilling contractor.

In 1980, Larry founded L.C. Neely Drilling, Inc., which provides contract drilling, completion, trucking and lease operating services for the Illinois Basin. L.C. Neely Drilling, Inc., has drilled over 250 wells on a contractual basis.

In 1982 Larry began to acquire oil & gas leases in the Illinois Basin, which he and a group of investors successfully drilled and developed. In 1984 Larry founded Maverick Energy, Inc. Maverick Energy's main goals were, and still are, to assemble a market of high quality drilling prospects for the petroleum investment industry. Larry has been responsible for the drilling and completion, lease management, and operations of hundreds of wells in the Illinois Basin. Larry currently manages over 150 active wells.


Larry's emphasis and expertise includes oil & gas economics, prospect integrity, drilling diversification, operations and lease management. In addition, Larry presently administers and operates 15 enhanced oil recovery projects. Larry focuses 90% of his activities toward the developmental category of oil & gas exploration. See the chart below:

Larry is also an active member of the Oil and Gas Association, a member of the International Petroleum Association of America and a member of the National Federation of Independent Business.

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